About Me…


Hello! I am Michelle Payne-Gale. Welcome to the page that the business gurus insist I have, for sharing more about myself.

I’m a photographer, freelance writer, travel lover, and life enthusiast who celebrates absolutely everything. I'm married to James, we're parents to one extremely handsome boy, Tyler, and we reside in Bedford, England. And sometimes Antigua, W.I. (if only for a short while each time).

Becoming a photographer was a dream since I first picked up a professional camera in 1993. It became a reality in 2006 after a lovely friend gave me my first formal opportunity to shoot my shot...

Miss Jones Concierge, October 2006.

Miss Jones Concierge, October 2006.

I enjoyed working as a portrait and headshot photographer ever since…


Lately, however, I've done a pivot (because who doesn’t love a good pivot?) and I’m now happily pursuing my second long-held dream - creating fine art images, prints and stationery featuring my own photography, that I hope you will enjoy browsing through on this website.


When I'm off the clock, I'm a tea-drinking, overthinking, YouTube-binging, school run ninja. And a very morning person. Don't ask or expect me to come out of my home in an evening.

Please browse my collection and don't hesitate to contact me with any queries.

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